SSR Inc. and its partner group McGregor GeoScience own and operate a Sercel SEAL, 96-channel, 24-bit digital hydrophone array and Sercel HR SEAL 408 seismic acquisition system to enhance it's wellsite geohazard survey capabilities. The system features a state-of-the-art 1200m solid core Sentinel Streamer with 12.5 group interval.pdf

Deeptow Sonar Mapping Systems
In response to the growing deepwater market, SSR has developed its Edgetech DT-2 Deeptow Sonar Mapping System which is capable of acquiring combined side scan sonar and sub-botton profiler data in water depths up to 3000m. The DT-2 system belongs to the family of Edgetech's deeptow systems and has been specially designed for nearshore and deepwater geophysical route surveys.pdf


Multibeam Bathymetry Systems
SSR's SeaBat 8150 is a multibeam swath system with full ocean depth capability, operating in 12kHz or 24 kHz. The system allows collection of seamless high-resolution bathymetry data in water depths between 100m and 12,000m. SSR's Seabeam ELAC 1180 and 1050 systems operate in the 180 kHz / 50 kHz range and are ideal for multibeam bathymetry collection in nearshore environments (3 - 2300m). SSR's multibeam systems are ideal for marine cable route surveys and nearshore / deepwater bathymetric mapping. pdf


Small boat Hydrographic Systems

Edgetech's X-Star SB-2166 pdf
Geometrics 881 Magnetometer pdf
Klein 3000 Digital Side Scan Sonar
ODOM Hydrotrac Echosounder



Winches & Handling Systems
DT-3000 Sonar Winch - 3000 of (.45") coax cable
DT-7500 Sonar Winch - 7500 of (.68") coax cable
Klein Sonar Winch - 700m of cable
Subbottom Profiler (SB216) Winch - 700m cable
Coring Winches -3000m of wire
Various A-frames and sea-cranes